A New Way Forward for

Centrist Independent Voters

Are You Unhappy With Your Current Political Choices?

Do you find it difficult to associate yourself with either of the two major political parties in the United States today?  

Are you uncomfortable with the extent to which the far right controls the Republican Party and the far left controls the Democratic Party?  

Are you frustrated with the way the electoral process tends to present the independent voter with, at best, the lesser of two evils?

Are you frustrated with the inability of our elected officials to hammer out reasonable compromises?   

Are you afraid to vote for third party candidates because it will only succeed in electing the Party you like the least?  

Do you feel that divided government may be best because you don’t trust either party to govern responsibly?  

If you answered “yes” to most of these questions, you may have found a new home with a centrist political organization made up of like minded people who want to see the political process work and who do not view themselves as fully liberal or fully conservative.   

Here’s What to Do

Please read the Concept statement and review CIVPAC’s Public Policy Philosophy and the Public Policy Positions that are important to you.

Let us know how you feel by clicking: Strongly Agree, Agree, Acceptable, Disagree, Strongly Disagree, Not Sure, or Don’t Care, at the end of each section. Acceptable means that if your only choice was CIVPAC’s point of view or that of the far left (Democratic) or far right (Republican), you would favor CIVPAC’s position. If you disagree, or are unsure, and there is a change in a policy position that might cause you to support it, or at least find it acceptable, please let us know by using the blue feedback button that appears on the left or bottom of each policy position. The policy positions are intended to be the start of a conversation.

If you like the Concept, Philosophy, and Public Policy Positions of CIVPAC, please join and add your voice to ours. Membership is free. At this point we are not asking for donations. If you prefer to never be asked for a donation, just let us know that in the “other details” section of the membership form and we will never bother you for financial support. Please, rest assured that we will never sell or share your information with others.

The first task is to demonstrate that we constitute a powerful voting block.


Join in the Discussion    

Members and interested visitors are invited to participate in the blog on this web site. If you are interested go to the Blog section. Scroll to the very bottom of each blog post to make a comment. All points of view are welcome, but we insist that posts be respectful.

If you want to stay current on changes in the website add your email at the bottom of this page. If you leave your email you will be notified about: any new policy positions that are posted or major changes to existing policy positions, any CIVPAC endorsements of candidates when they are issued, and any new posts to the CIVPAC blog.

Almost every page of the website has a “feedback” button on the left or the very bottom of the page. Share your ideas with us. If you want credit for an idea, we are happy to do that and if you want to remain anonymous that is fine too.

Have a Question? Contact Us.

If you have a question, or a policy issue that you would like us to address, or a candidate you would like us to consider, send us an email, using the form found on the Contact Us page.

Join Other Centrist Groups

We are not in competition with other centrist groups and encourage you to seek out these groups and actively participate in them. We are nonjudgmental about how centrist each of these groups really is. Some of these groups lean left, some of them lean right. At this point, we are happy to include anyone who is even trying to make the effort.

Groups that we are aware of include (in random order): No Labels, The Centrist Project (also known as Unite America), the Bipartisan Policy Center, the Reformicon movement, Third Way, Represent Us, the Campaign Legal Center, FairVote, Quadrivium, New America, Citizen Data, Inform Your Vote, the Bridge Alliance, Braver Angels, RenewAmericamovement.com, Country1st, and the Forward Party. If you are aware of other groups that should be included in this list, please contact us and let us know. If you have reason to believe that any of these groups should not be included in our list, please let us know that, too.

The image above (CIVPAC’s logo) is Goya’s “The Sleep of Reason” (1798). The inscription on the stone translates as: The sleep of reason brings forth demons. Goya was a major figure of the Enlightenment who believed that man’s salvation lay in reason and creativity.

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