Biography Bob Dohmeyer

Bob Dohmeyer is founder and owner of DVC, a business valuation and M&A consulting firm. He provides professional valuation advice and appraisals primarily for bankruptcy and family law matters.  He has lectured and published several papers on various valuation topics and is on the editorial review board of the Journal of Business Valuation & Economic Loss Analysis and on the review board of the Business Valuation Review. Prior to forming DVC, Mr. Dohmeyer was employed by a Fortune 100 corporation where he was responsible for corporate financial analysis and evaluating merger and acquisition candidates. 

Bob lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife Sylvia and their two children.

Bob describes his personal political history as follows:

I used to be a conservative/libertarian and now consider myself a moderate that leans classical liberal/libertarian. Even though I recognize the efficiency of free markets, I believe that the existence of significant externalities, such as pollution, may justify government intervention in the economy. When that intervention is necessary it ought to be done in the most market like manner possible.  

I, also, believe that a pragmatic approach is best and I understand that pragmatism requires modesty and an understanding of the differences between causes and effects. 

Our goal, as a society, should be to maximize aggregate utility and not, necessarily, aggregate output. Progressive income taxes and estate taxes, for example, are necessary to accomplish this goal.

If I had to pick a particular author that has influenced my views, it would be Karl Popper.