Public Policy Positions

The public policy positions of CIVPAC are described in this section. The general philosophical public policy principles of CIVPAC are discussed in the Philosophy section. Just click on the links below in the the table of contents (or in the menu above) to be taken to a specific issue.

Table of Contents


Campaign Finance Reform

Climate Change

Death Penalty


Education: Public Support for Education K-12

Education: Support for Higher Education

Education: Educational Content

Education: Vocational Education and Retraining

Energy Policy

Environmental Protection

Foreign Policy and National Defense

Foreign Policy: Russia

Foreign Policy: China

Foreign Policy: Defense Spending

Foreign Policy: Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Foreign Policy: Nation Building

Guaranteed Basic Income

Gun Control

Health Care

Homeland Security Spending

Illegal Drugs & the Legalization of Marijuana


Income Inequality & Redistribution

Jobs (Employment and Economic Policy)

Judicial Appointments

Labor Unions

LGBTQ+ Issues

Monetary and Fiscal Policy

Racial Discrimination & Affirmative Action


Regulation and the Financial Markets

Regulation and Consumer Protection

Research and Development

States’ Rights

Social Security

Taxation, Spending, and Debt


Voting Rights and Reforms

You may make suggestions for modifications to these positions using the feedback button on the left or bottom of each policy page. You may also leave a comment or suggest additional issues to be addressed on the Contact Us page or through the Blog. If you want credit for your suggestions, please let us know.

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