Campaign Finance Reform


We support the Supreme Court decision that campaign contributions are constitutionally protected free speech. We believe that the appropriate way to offset the role of special interests in government is for those who are concerned with the common interest to put their money where their mouth is and support candidates who work for the common good. 

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Our philosophy on this issue is to fight fire with fire. In the long run, we hope to provide significant independent support for candidates who find themselves in the crosshairs of special interest groups, for defending the interests of society as a whole against the special interests. We also hope to provide effective public advocacy for issues in which the broad public interest is not well represented or is drowned out by the voices of special interest.

For this reason we have organized CIVPAC as an independent-expenditure only political action committee. As such CIVPAC may take unlimited donations and spend the funds on the promotion of individual candidates and the promotion of a political agenda. What we cannot do is coordinate those activities with individual candidates or their committees, or make contributions, whether direct, in kind, or via coordinated communications to federal candidates or committees.

At the moment we are not soliciting donations, because we are focused on establishing that centrist independent voters represent a large block of voters. After we have accomplished that, we will turn our attention to fund raising.

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