Rogues Gallery of Political Candidates

Rogues Gallery of Candidates

We have added 11 U.S. Senators to the Centrist Independent Voter group of candidates that we are unlikely to ever endorse. We call this group the Rogues Gallery. The new additions to the group include the 11 U.S. Senators who opposed the current proposed aid package for Ukraine. To see the full list of U.S Senators and Representatives included in this group visit the Rogues Gallery section of the Centrist Independent Voter website.

The Rogues Gallery section also explains the criteria used to select candidates for this group.

The only way in which a member of the Rogues Gallery could receive a CIVPAC endorsement would be if they were running against another member of the group.

2 thoughts on “Rogues Gallery of Political Candidates

  1. We would also have added the 16 Republican House members who voted against fast tracking visas for Afghans who had provided crucial assistance to the U.S. military. All but two were already listed: Mo Brooks and Bill Posey. We will probably add them to the list.

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