Why is it Important to Participate in the Polls on the Centrist Independent Voter (CIVPAC) Website?

The CIVPAC website is less than a month old. As a consequence, few people have, so far, responded to the polls at the end of each policy position on the website. One of the purposes of these polls is to judge the importance of various issues to people who self-identify as centrists. Another is to vet proposed centrist policy positions to determine how strongly centrists hold these points of view. If enough people respond to the polls, politicians who aspire to appeal to centrists will have some already vetted policy positions to embrace.

Redirecting American politics toward the center is partly a game of numbers. There are a wide variety of authors and think tanks focusing on centrist policy positions. Until it is clear that these points of view are held by a large number of voters, politicians are likely to accept the notion that success is just about rallying the base. As we now know, the base tends to be far left or far right. By voting in these polls, at the end of each policy position, you can demonstrate that a large number of people care about and support centrist positions on these issues.

If you think the policy positions can be improved, just click on the “Feedback” link to the left or bottom of each policy position and let us know how. If the policy positions are changed, significantly, the old vote totals will be recorded and the counter will be reset to zero. I will also post on this blog if one of the policy positions has changed significantly. If you want to be notified of those changes, as well as new blog posts, please subscribe to this blog at the bottom of this page.

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