What is the Centrist Independent Voter’s (CIVPAC’s) Unique Roll Among Other Centrist Organizations?

The answer to this question has both a short-term and a long-term aspect.

Like many centrist organizations, CIVPAC has identified that the principal sources of polarization in U.S. politics are partisan primaries and partisan redistricting.

In the short term, CIVPAC, simply acknowledges this problem and attempts to deal with it by identifying the most centrist candidates available during the primaries and encouraging voters to vote for them, even if it means crossing party lines to do so. We are not aware of another centrist organization that is attempting to do this.

The long-term solution to the problem of political polarization is to reduce the significance of partisan primaries by adopting ranked choice voting and by adopting non-partisan procedures for redistricting. CIVPAC, along with most other centrist organizations, supports these reforms. The role that CIVPAC hopes to play once these reforms are adopted is to provide voters with recommendations for centrist candidates to vote for in what may become crowded electoral fields. CIVPAC also hopes to be a resource for aspiring centrist candidates who may be searching for centrist policy solutions on a wide range of issues that have, already, been publicly vetted. Most other centrist organizations, that we are aware of, appear to be focused on either electing their own candidates or on long-term institutional reforms rather than developing a broad, publicly vetted, policy agenda for centrists.

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