Why Should I Join the Centrist Independent Voter (CIVPAC)?

First, it’s easy! Just click here: Join Us.

Second, it’s free! We aren’t asking for any donations in order to join.

Third, it might make a difference!

Consider the following. There are about 232 million people in the U.S. who are eligible to vote on the basis of age and citizenship. Around 15% of eligible voters turn out for primaries during the mid-term election years—around 36 million voters. The numbers are better for Presidential election primaries, but still less than 30% of eligible voters or around 70 million people. In many districts, gerrymandering has created safe Republican or Democratic districts. As a result, perhaps as little as half of those primary votes actually make a difference (or around 13 million votes during mid-term elections). You get the point. A tiny percentage of eligible voters are deciding who the rest of us get to vote for in the general elections.

If CIVPAC can demonstrate that a large number of people care enough about the polarization of American politics to click the Join Us button, maybe politicians will lean a bit more toward the center and maybe some people with centrist views will be encouraged to run for office.

Is joining sufficient to change the political landscape by itself? Obviously not. That would take these same people participating in the primaries, so that centrist candidates actually get to the general elections. But it’s a start.

Ok, let’s say you’re the sort of person that the word “joining” makes your skin crawl. Or you’re willing to join, but you want to do more. There are other ways you can help.

First, make it easy for us to stay in touch with you. Leave your email at the bottom of the Home Page. That way you will be kept informed if we make major changes to the policy positions, endorse candidates, or make new posts to the blog.

Second, participate in the polls at the end of each policy position. You don’t need to do all of them, just pick those issues you care about.

Third, you can engage with us by letting us know how you feel about the policy positions or candidates through the feedback buttons on the left or bottom of each page. Or you can also comment on the posts in the blog and start a conversation.

Fourth, if you see something on the website you like, share it on Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Linkedin, or by email with others. We have made this process easy by adding the share buttons at the bottom of each page. This is a far more efficient way to spread the centrist message without having to pay for advertising. If this works, we may never ask for donations from anyone.

This process needs to start somewhere. Why not here?

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