Legacy Admissions

Cambridge University

If you have read the Centrist Independent Voter policy position on higher education, you know that CIVPAC recommends ending legacy admissions. The method for accomplishing this would be to deny federal assistance to colleges and universities that practice legacy admissions. Since almost all colleges and universities benefit from one kind of federal assistance or another, this should end legacy admissions in the U.S.

You would have easily been able to predict this policy position, if you had read the Centrist Independent Voter philosophy section on fairness and equity. Legacy admissions at selective colleges and universities are an egregious affront to the notion of equality of opportunity and a barrier to social mobility.

The Atlantic has an excellent article on the question of legacy admissions this month. It points out the irony that England, a hereditary monarchy with an aristocratic social structure rejects legacy admissions at Oxford and Cambridge.

The article points out that legislation has again been introduced to accomplish eliminating legacy admissions at American colleges and universities. I heartily recommend letting your congressional representatives know that you endorse this legislation.

The article also notes that there is a pledge being circulated among the alumni of selective colleges and universities that commits the signers to not donate again until their institution abandons legacy admissions. Please seek it out and sign up.