June 28, Illinois Republican Primary for Governor.

Illinois Republican Primary for Governor

We are mostly concentrating on the primaries for the U.S. Senate, but we are occasionally endorsing candidates in the House races and a few notable races for governor.

The Illinois Republican primary for Governor is an interesting opportunity to pull the Republican Party back from Trumpism, by voting against the Trump backed candidate. The Democratic Governors Association is trying to aid Darren Bailey, the Trump backed Republican candidate, because they think he is so extreme that he will be easier to defeat in the general election. Illinois also has a form of open primary, in which it is possible for Democrats and independents to declare a Republican affiliation when they vote in the primary and receive a Republican ballot.

Efforts by the Democratic Governors Association to support the ultra conservative Republican candidate strikes us as playing with fire. We also think that voters who vote for the ultra conservative candidate because they feel that he will be easier to defeat in the general election are also making a serious mistake. Candidates have health problems, scandals emerge, and moods change between the primaries and the general election. It is far more important to have reasonable candidates in the general election, than to take this risk.

Ken Griffin, an Illinois billionaire, has spent millions promoting the candidacy of Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin. Irvin is a moderate Republican. His moderate policy positions, plus his opponent’s endorsement by Donald Trump, secure our endorsement in the Republican Primary. We, therefore, endorse Richard Irvin for Governor in the Illinois Republican primary.

J.B. Pritzger, the incumbent Democratic Governor of Illinois, is a heavy favorite to win in the Democratic party primary.

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