New Hampshire Primary for U.S. Senate and Democratic Hypocrisy in Condemning MAGA as a Threat to the Nation.

New Hampshire Republican Primary U.S. Senate.

For the most part, I agreed with President Biden’s address to the nation about the threat posed by the radical right. I think it was a political mistake, however, to draw an equivalence between the radical right and all MAGA Republicans. It reminded me of Hillary Clinton’s blunder of labeling her opponents as a “basket of deplorables.”

What really upsets me is the hypocrisy of Biden labeling MAGA Republicans as a threat to the nation while his party actively promotes MAGA candidates, like Don Buldoc in New Hampshire. It appears the MAGA Republican won in the New Hampshire primary, by a narrow margin, over a more mainstream Republican.

Democrats support MAGA Republicans in primaries because they believe that MAGA Republicans will be easier to defeat in the general election. This is a cynical effort that puts party interests before the interests of the nation. This is the same thing that Democrats, rightly, accuse mainstream Republicans of, for not openly denouncing Trump.

Hypocrites to the left of us, cowards to the right and here we all are, stuck in the middle with poor choices in the general elections.